Look of The Week: Not Sponsored by Stephen Byrne Motors

Achieving the most gorge of looks doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, it shouldn’t, this week’s look of the week shows that you can make the cheapest of bits look more extravagant by mixing textures and patterns. This week’s Look of the Week to a total of 34 euros.






Sparkles & Spots, leopard and otherwise ensure a o’splash razzle dazzle to whatever kind of day you’re having. 

  • Wearing heels with sequin covered pants is a must as the material doesn’t exactly add length to your legs. (especially if you’re on the short side!)
  • Leopard print is forever and it’s possible to get it on the cheap in charity shops and flea markets if you keep the eyes peeled.
  • Adding a neutral/”is she naked?” top is essential for a look that is otherwise loud in ensuring that you don’t overly complicate an already out there aesthetic.


Jacket: 15 (Chazza – Charity Shop)

Top: 5 (Penneys)

Pants: 10 (H&M)

Shoes: 4  (Chazza – Charity Shop)

Bit of the Week goes to these Peter pointer kitten heels that come to a very saucy 4 eurdos – the price of a Starbucks. Semi-easy to walk in and perfect for an office, day or night look. 




Hannah Kingston

This blog is a collection of ramblings from a girl who is trying to remain both emotionally and economically stable during her first year in the big smoke

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