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Hello, my name is Hannah and I’m bisexual, just so you know. Before I start, please consider these statistics; a most recent Irish study carried out by Glen and the BeLong group in 2016 found that: 1/5 people believe that bisexual people are just confused by their sexuality or have not quite figured it out […]

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Top Tipz 4 Hunz

  If you have to ask someone if they think your hair is greasy, it is hun, get out that Batise 2. Unless you have black brows, do not use black pencil on them, it looks naff hun (Unless you are a MUA and know how to do them or you are Cara Delvigne then […]

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There’s A Reason We Can’t and Won’t Cope

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope took Ireland by storm, because, for once, fiction was not portraying an unbelievable fantasy. We love the likes of Sex and the City, and Girls and even Made in Chelsea when we really want to hurt ourselves. Yet the fact is, these fictions are indeed dream worlds that do not portray […]

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